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Main Research Areas

1Structure health monitoring and detecting system

The research areas including: non-destructive testing method for concrete; damage and fracture mechanics; dynamic behaviors and evaluation of damaged structures; smart concrete materials and structures; failure mechanism and reliability of smart materials and structures.

2Wind Engineering

Main research topics include: Wind load and wind-induced response of high-rise building, high-rise structure and long span spatial structure; Wind-induced vibration and vibration reduction control of long span bridge; Pedestrian level wind environment around building and wind environment upon bridge deck; Computational wind engineering; utilization of wind energy and Industrial Aerodynamics, and etc.

3Structural Repairing and Strengthening Methods

Main contents: Bonding mechanism and modifying methods of new–to-old concrete interface; strengthening methods for concrete structures by using FRP and HFRP; strengthening methods for concrete structures by using steel bar-wire mesh-mortar; modification of strengthening materials; strengthening methods for soils and foundations.